A Weekend with Google Glass

I decided to be biased against Google Glass when I first heard about its exclusivity and the early media stories about the privacy implications of wearing a head-mounted camera/screen device. I have done some work in wearable computing in the past year, and my vision of wearables is that we should be able to negotiate […]

WIMM bling

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of doing some R&D on this clever little “smartwatch” device called the WIMM One. It runs Android (2.2 at the time I was developing, in the summer of 2012) and although it’s not quite a miniature phone, it’s much more than a watch. As someone who remembers saving […]

AsyncTasks, Runnables, Handlers, and Threads, oh my!

Not every Android app has to deal with multithreading, but any app that needs to contact Google, Facebook (or any other web-services API) or load data from a local database needs to consider how to properly handle method calls that are not guaranteed to terminate in any reasonable period of time. (The Android Developer’s Guide […]

Ride In Style 1.0

After many months of development and testing, I’m excited to announce that the first beta of my first Android app, Ride In Style, has been released to the App Market on behalf of Pinpoint Pickup! I’m sure there will be many more challenges to come as the app is deployed to different types of devices […]